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JU Flipped-Classroom Project

English Class Handbook

16 Août 2016 , Rédigé par JF Mopin

•My name is Mr MOPIN. Please spell it correctly.

•You may call me “Sir” , “Mr Mopin” or “Teacher” (optionally "Master"), but nothing else.

•Remember you only get out of school what you bring to it.

The rules in this class:

•1) No French should be spoken in class unless it is absolutely necessary.

•2) Be on time. If ever you arrive late in class, the teacher will send you to the HoY, unless you have an exceedingly good reason for being late.

.3) Assignments are due on the deadline or when the bell rings if it is done in class. Any late return will be refused

•4) At the beginning of the period, please stand until you are told to sit. The teacher will wait for peace and quiet before letting you settle. And every time an adult enters the class, stand to show respect.

•5) During class, the teacher only writes the core of the lesson. You MUST learn to take notes by yourself to complete it. The written part of the lesson is by no means sufficient: you must listen, understand and remember the oral part as well. When something has been seen in class, even if it was not written on the board, you are supposed to know it.

•6) When you wish to speak, always raise your hand. If you speak without permission, the teacher will never prevent you from expressing yourself. But it must be done properly: you will be given time to express yourself in front of the class, in English quite obviously. And since every work deserves a salary, you will be marked for the quality of your intervention.

•7) You will be tested and marked with different kinds of assignments: pop tests when needed (usually five or ten minutes at the beginning of the lesson), the oral interventions, individual home tasks and more formal tests of one full period, for which you will NOT always be warned beforehand. When a sequence is over, it goes without saying that you must be evaluated. Do NOT wait for the last night before the test to learn your lessons

•8) If you are absent from class, show a justification to the teacher when you come back. Otherwise and if any test was done in class in your absence, you will be given the worst possible mark. If a more formal evaluation was done and the motive for your absence is valid, the teacher may evaluate you with a replacement test.

Please note that all the powerpoint presentations and word texts done in class will be available on the blog: http://ju-flipped-classroom-project.over-blog.com. Do not panic if you don’t have time to write it all or if you are absent one day.

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