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2D9 Home schooling

6 Octobre 2016 , Rédigé par JF Mopin Publié dans #2de

Home Schooling

The text is an article from Time, an American magazine. It is about home schooling (the fact of NOT going to school).

It was written by Sam Allis. He says home schooling is everywhere in America, but all the example he gives are from New England.

There are three examples of home schoolers: Bo Yoder, 15, Solon Sadoway, 11, and Linda Williams, who teaches her four sons (from 4 to 13) for two hours every day.

They can do amazing things (use the Morse code, build a radio station, make baseball bats…). Then, they criticize public school: there are drugs, violence, and the standards are poor.

The motivations of home schoolers in America are first religion (the theory of evolution. They prefer the theory of creation. The first teacher who taught evolution in the 1920s was sued. It was the “monkey trial”). Then, they are concerned with drugs and violence and harassment. Some also want higher standards and expectations.

A minority prefer alternative modes of education (rounding the world in a wagon for instance). Or they have special needs (they are blind, deaf, handicapped…). Or they are mentally challenged (autistic children for instance).

Other reasons may include the inadequacy of teachers, or a problem with the syllabus. For instance in 2003 a German family asked (and obtained) political asylum in the USA so their children would not have the mandatory sex education.

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