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JU Flipped-Classroom Project

2D8 Dances with Wolves

22 Novembre 2016 , Rédigé par JF Mopin Publié dans #2de



Dances with Wolves


       The action is set in the USA, in 1863, during the Civil War.

       Lieutenant John Dunbar (from the US army, not the Confederate States army) was wounded in the calf. His leg was going to be sawed off. He decided to commit suicide instead, but he became a hero without wanting it.

       He was sent to the Frontier on his request, because he wanted to see buffalos. When he arrived at Fort Hayes, the major who sent him to Fort Sedgewick committed suicide. Dunbar was guided by Timmons, a muleteer.

       When they arrived, the fort was deserted. But Dunbar decided to stay. On the way back, Timmons was killed and scalped (by Pawnees). Dunbar was left alone, with no one knowing where he was. He renovated the fort. He met a wolf, whom he called Two Socks, who was his only companion.

       Indians tried to steal his horse, but the horse escaped (twice). So, Dunbar decided to meet them and went whence they had come. Before, he buried the guns.

       On the way, he came across an Indian woman trying to commit suicide (because her husband had been killed). He took her to the Indian camp, but he was chased away. The Sioux were afraid of him.

       Some of them (Kicking Bird and Wild Hair mainly) went to speak with him, but communication was difficult. Kicking Bird invited him to the camp, where the woman (Christine/Stands with a Fist), who was in fact adopted by Indians served as a translator.

       One day, a herd of buffalos swarmed by the fort. Dunbar warned the Sioux and was invited to the hunt. He saved the life of Smiles a Lot. At the need, he traded his jacket for Wild Hair’s breastplate and (unwillingly) his hat for a pipe.

       He became part of the village, with the name Dances with Wolves, because he was seen playing with Two Socks. He and Stands stared a love affair.

       A war party went to fight the Pawnees, and DWW was asked to look after Kicking Bird’s family. They were attacked by Pawnees, and DWW used the buried guns to save the village. Kicking Bird allowed him to marry Stands with a Fist.

       They left for the Winter Camp, but Dunbar remembered he had left his journal at the fort, with indications to find the Sioux. He went back, but the army had settled. They thought he was an Indian and shot him.

       He was made prisoner, and ship him back to the town to hang him as a traitor. On the way, he was rescued by the Indians, who killed the soldiers.

       Eventually, Dunbar decided to leave the tribe, because he was wanted and he put them at risk.



The movie is inspired by true facts. But the real story ended more badly.



The passive voice. TO BE + past participle


The Civil War was fought between 1860 and 1865.

Slavery was abolished in 1865.

Indians were put into reservations.



On a tué les bisons pour se débarrasser des Indiens.

Christine a été adoptée par Oiseau Bondissant. 

On n’a pas compris que les Sioux étaient pacifiques.

That the Sioux were pacific was not understood. 

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