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JU Flipped-Classroom Project

2D9 Dances with Wolves

8 Décembre 2016 , Rédigé par JF Mopin Publié dans #2de

Dances with Wolves

(one wolf, many wolves)


       The film is about American Indians (Native Americans). The action starts during the Civil War. Lieutenant John Dunbar was injured in the calf. His was leg was going to be sawed off, but he preferred to commit suicide instead. Unwillingly, he became a hero.

He was sent to the Frontier on his request, because he wanted to see buffalos. When he arrived at Fort Hays, the Major who received him committed suicide. Dunbar was accompanied by Timmons, a muleteer. When they arrived at Fort Sedgewick, it was deserted. Dunbar decided to stay.

On the way back, Timmons was killed and scalped by Pawnees (a tribe of Algonquins who lived like Iroquois). So Dunbar was left alone. His only company was his horse Sisco, and a wolf, Two Socks.

One day, an Indian tried to steal his horse, but it escaped. Dunbar scared the Indian away, naked. The following night, children tried again, and then other adults, but they all failed.

Dunbar decided to go to meet the Indians. He came across a woman (Christine/Stands with a Fist). She was trying to commit suicide, because her husband had been killed. He saved her and brought her to the Indian camp. But he was rejected.

The Indians came to the Fort to meet him, but they did not speak the same language. Fortunately, Stands with a Fist was in fact adopted (by Kicking Bird), so she spoke English. The Indians were concerned because there was no buffalo (tatanka).

One  night, Dunbar was awakened by an earthquake. It was caused by a herd of buffalos swarming by. He went to warn the Indians, and he was invited to the hunt. During it, he saved Smiles a Lot.

He was then accepted into the tribe, with an Indian name (DWW). He learned their language (Lakota). One day at dawn, they were attacked by Pawnees, and Dunbar gave them guns, so they routed the Pawnees. Dunbar was then allowed to marry Stands.

They left the camp for Winter. Dunbar remembered he had forgotten his journal. It contained information as to where to find the Indians. But the fort was occupied. The soldiers shot at him and killed Sisco. He was arrested as a deserter. He was going to be hanged. But he was rescued by his Indian friends.

Eventually, he left them to tell his story to White people.



The passive voice


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