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LELE: Johnny Got His Gun

11 Janvier 2017 , Rédigé par JF Mopin Publié dans #LELE

Johnny Got His Gun


1939 pre war. (Pearl Harbor: December 7, 1941).

Dalton Trumbo: Apocalypse Now.

The book was banned.


The title. Annie Oakley. Annie Get Your Gun.

Joe Bonham (twisted sense of humor). Fiancé/engaged/betrothed. Drafted.

1918, end of WWI. Frontline. Bombshell exploded. Limbs. He was but a trunk.

Carried to hospital and healed.

The text opens when he realized he was crippled.

Later on, he tried to communicate by nodding his head in Morse. He was decorated. He tried to kill himself/commit suicide.



The style:

Short words, unpunctuated sentences. Short body. Uneventful.

Repetitions full circle.


The text falls in three parts:

“He had to”: priorities.

“was”: inventory of what he is (shortest part)

“he would never again be able to”: list of things he will never do again.


There have been several similar cases, all used for medical research.


We don’t know when, where he is and who is around him. Kareen for instance, his would-be wife.


Witch Hunt

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