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JU Flipped-Classroom Project

2D7 Chester School

8 Février 2017 , Rédigé par JF Mopin Publié dans #2de

Chester School



-the French classroom

-the History classroom

-the refectory

-the staffroom

-a bedroom for 2

-sick bay



The characters:

-the French teacher, Mr Bellâtre, handsome, glasses, purple shirt, green eyes, classy, fit

-the History teacher, Miss Keen, small, high heels, glasses, made up, thin, hysterical, strict, clever

-the PE teacher, Mr Plump, short, fat, aging, often ogling the girls.

-housemistress, aged, strict, Ms Tress, teaches math

-a blonde, Kylie Baldman, tall, represents the school in competitions

-an African-American girl, Chelsea Farrage, large and tall, the daughter of an Ambassador, funny

-an Irish girl, red haired, with freckles, Mary Mc Donought, hard working, in love with Chelsea

-a French girl, Capucine Emma, smells of cheese



  1. The gymnasium. Mr Plump arrives late, panting. Kylie is already stretching,


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