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Political Correctness

17 Mars 2017 , Rédigé par JF Mopin Publié dans #2de

Political correctness


It is a way to speak and behave so as not hurt anybody’s feelings.


It started with American feminists:

Policeman Police officer

Fireman Firefighter

Mister: a married OR unmarried man

Miss/Mrs an unmarried/married woman. Ms


Then, it was used by civil rights activists:

Negro Black Colored People People of color Afro-American African-American


It spread to other forms of discrimination:

Ageism: Old experienced

Heightism: Maggot vertically challenged

Lookism: ugly gifted with an unusual charm


stupid gifted with an alternate intelligence

Ableism: handicapped differently able


Sexual harassment in the workplace date-rape


In the UK, English Humour being what it is, they use Political correctness to mock people.

For instance, James Garner wrote “Politically Correct Bedtime Stories”.


This person is gifted with an alternate intelligence and a significantly extraordinary figure.

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