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JU Flipped-Classroom Project

1ST2S1/2 Far and Away

5 Mai 2017 , Rédigé par JF Mopin Publié dans #1ère

Far and Away


The movie was released in 1997. It was directed by Ron Howard.

It is about two Irish immigrants to America. The first one is Joseph Donnelly, a tenant who was evicted by a Middleman (Stephen Chase), who worked for the Landlord, Daniel Christie. So, Joseph tries to murder Mr Christie. He fails pitifully. He is challenged to a duel. Mr Christie’s daughter, Shannon, who is fiancéed/engaged/betrothed to Stephen. She wants to go to America to be modern.

They elope together and sail to Boston on a clipper. Shannon plans to sell her silver spoons, but they robbed/stolen. So, they go to Mike Kelly, the Ward Boss. He offers them a shelter in a whorehouse/public house, and a job (plucking chicken). Other jobs they could have: lampooners, dancers. In exchange, they must vote for the Irishman Kelly chooses.

Soon, Joseph discovers he can box. He is opposed to the Italian champion. He loses, and they are expelled/thrown out. They starve and break into a house. The owners shoots at them and Shannon is wounded/injured. Joseph takes her family, who came because his house was burnt down.

Joseph finds a job laying tracks. But he sees the pioneers going to Oklahoma and follows them for the last race for land. Of course, he finds Shannon and they win their land. He dies (but only once).


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