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JU Flipped-Classroom Project

1ST2S2 Far and Away

5 Mai 2017 , Rédigé par JF Mopin Publié dans #1ère

Far and Away


The movie starts in Ireland (Connemara). Joseph Donnelly’s father died (twice).

Stephen Chase (a Middleman) evicted Joseph’s family (Daniel and Colm). He is engaged/fiancéed/betrothed to Shannon.

He decided to kill his Landlord, Daniel Christie.

Captain Moonlight.

He was taken prisoner. He challenged Stephen to a duel. But Shannon Christie runs away with him.

She wants to be independent and modern. He wants to live.

They travel on a clipper, with chaise longues. Shannon meets a man who offers to help her sell her silver spoons (but steals them instead).

When they get to Boston, they are broke. They are taken in by Mike Kelly, the Ward Boss. He gives them shelter (in a whorehouse/public house). They have a job (plucking chicken).

Joseph soon discovers that he can box for money. He became the champion of the Irish ward. He had to fight the Italian champion. But he lost because someone was petting Shannon.

They were thrown out and banished. They starved and break into a house. The owner shot at them and Shannon was injured/wounded. Joseph took her to her family, who had come to Boston.

Alone, Joseph worked laying the tracks for the train. He saw pioneers going to Oklahoma and joined them. The last race for land was about to start (June 6, 1893).

At the start he met Shannon and her relatives. He bought a horse, but it died, so he raced with a mustang. He rode after Shannon and Stephen, and won. But in the end, he did not plant his fanion in, until Shannon joined him. She slapped/smacked Stephen.

Of course, since it is an American movie, Joseph died but resurrected.


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