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JU Flipped-Classroom Project

1ST2S2 The American President

13 Décembre 2016 , Rédigé par JF Mopin Publié dans #1ère

The American President The characters : Andrew Shepherd, President. AJ Mc Inerney, Chief of Staff. Lewis Rotschild, Senior Domestic Policy Advisor. Robin Mc Call, Spokesperson. Janie Basdin, Personal Assistant. General Rork, Joint Chief of Staff. Leon...

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2D9 Dances with Wolves

8 Décembre 2016 , Rédigé par JF Mopin Publié dans #2de

Dances with Wolves (one wolf, many wolves) The film is about American Indians (Native Americans). The action starts during the Civil War. Lieutenant John Dunbar was injured in the calf. His was leg was going to be sawed off, but he preferred to commit...

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